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Beads of Water Shown on Commercial Office Window Treated with Hydrophobic Coating

We engineer leading glass coating products using proprietary glass coating technology

DFI is a leader in hydrophobic glass coating products, that revolutionize glass protection and maintenance. Our advanced glass coating technology forms a durable barrier over the surfaces, that ensures effortless cleaning and prolonged durability, making us the top choice for superior glass protection solutions.

Glass Defender Kit with Products on Bathroom Countertop Background

Premium grout and glass treatment kits

Need to restore your surfaces from stains and protect them with a hydrophobic glass coating? DFI's cleaning kits have been curated with the exact glass cleaning products you need, whether for your shower door, tile, or car windshield.

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Clear-Fusion V Bottles with Microfiber Towel on Blurred Bathroom Background

Hydrophobic coatings for glass, stainless steel, and more

DFI offers a wide range of cost-effective, easy to clean coatings that can be used on shower doors, solar panels, stainless steel, mirrors, and as a protective film for glass.

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Glass cleaning solutions and stain removing products

Discover our advanced glass cleaning solutions, expertly formulated to remove hard water stains and soap scum. With minimal effort, our products leave glass surfaces spotless, clear, and streak-free.

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I am so happy with my new shower doors. They are so easy to clean and never look spotty. All I do is wipe them dry after showering and they look perfect!

Susan Collica

Glass Rescue is the first product I've tried on my frameless glass shower doors that actually worked.

Nicolle Santaromita

So far my husband and I love our shower doors! They dry leaving no water residue whatsoever! They are beautiful and so easy to maintain.

Sandra Brown

Cleaning my shower doors is a dream. I use a squeegee or just wipe them dry. I have zero spots. I am truly amazed at how maintenance-free they are.

Dorothy Rasmussen

How our glass coating technology works

At a microscopic level, glass is extremely porous. As a result, minerals from hard water, soap scum, and other contaminants can easily penetrate the surface, causing unwanted stains. DFI’s protective coatings chemically bond to the glass, creating an ultra-thin barrier that seals the surface and provides a wide array of benefits.

Water Beads on Shower Glass with Woman in Background

Repels water and soap scum

Cuts cleaning time and effort

Helps prevent hard water stains

Eco-friendly; eliminates chemical cleaners

Keeps glass cleaner for longer

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