9 Reasons to Put a Coating on Your Car Windshield

9 Reasons to Put a Coating on Your Car Windshield

9 reasons to put a coating on your car windshield

Whether you've just purchased a new car or you're looking to upgrade your current one, a decision you might be contemplating is applying a glass coating to your windshield. Wondering why it might be a smart idea? Here are nine (9) compelling reasons to consider the best glass coating for cars:

1. Safety first

Enhanced visibility: Driving in rain can be challenging, especially when water smears across the windshield, blurring the driver's vision. The hydrophobic properties of glass coatings repel water, causing it to bead up and roll off more effectively. This not only ensures a clearer view, but also reduces the reliance on windshield wipers, making them more efficient in keeping the view unobstructed during heavy downpours.

Drive more confidently: With a glass coating applied to your windshield, you can drive more confidently in wet weather conditions such as rain and snow, as the elements roll off the glass. As a result, you will worry less about the weather and focus more on the drive ahead.

2. Stay clean with less effort

Hydrophobic nature: At the heart of a glass coating's ease of cleanability, is its hydrophobic nature. Raindrops, instead of smearing or spreading, transform into little beads which quickly roll off the surface due to the windshield's incline and the vehicle's movement.

Dirt and debris resistance: Apart from water, windshields are constantly bombarded with dirt, oily substances, and road grime. Over time, these can accumulate on the windshield, leading to a dirty surface that obstructs vision and diminishes the car's overall appearance. Glass coatings act as a shield against these contaminants. The smooth, slick surface they create ensures that dirt and debris will be harder to cling onto the windshield.

Reduction in water spots: Water spots are a common issue for many car owners, especially when exposed to sprinkler water. The spots that form on the windshield are mineral deposits left behind after water droplets evaporate, and they can be notoriously tough to remove. Thanks to the water-repellent properties of glass coatings, water drops that stay on the windshield are much easier to remove and will not leave behind these unsightly marks.

3. Helps prevent chips and cracks

Windshield protective layer: Investing in glass windshield coatings can save you money over time. The protective barrier formed on the windshield fills in the microscopic peaks and valleys, which makes it easier for rocks and road debris to glide off the glass. As a result, this can sometimes help prevent cracks and chipping, minimizing repair and replacement costs. This long-term cost-effectiveness is a boon for car owners.

4. Ease of application

Do It yourself: Many of today's glass coatings are designed for easy application. Brands like Diamon-Fusion International (DFI) offer user-friendly car windshield coatings, eliminating the need for professional application and service fees. Most coatings are quick to apply, with instant benefits (DFI’s coatings have no cure time), making them a convenient choice for car owners.

5. Guard against nature's mess

Bird droppings and insect splatter: Nature's messes, like bird droppings, tree sap, and insect splatter, are notorious for dirtying car exteriors. Glass coatings offer a protective barrier, preventing these substances from embedding themselves into the glass. As a result, cleaning the windshield becomes significantly easier and less damage will result.

6. Eco-friendly choice

Less cleaning means less water: One of the immediate environmental benefits of glass coatings is the reduction in water consumption. Regular car washes, especially when done manually or at non-professional car wash stations, can consume large amounts of water. Given the hydrophobic properties of glass coatings, dirt and grime are less likely to adhere to the windshield, reducing the frequency of washes. Over time, this can amount to significant water savings.

Reduced use of cleaning agents: Traditional car cleaning often involves a plethora of detergents, soaps, and other chemical cleaning agents. Many of these substances can be harmful to the environment, particularly if they find their way into local waterways. With a glass coating, windshields remain cleaner for longer; so, the reliance on chemical agents diminishes. Simply put, fewer chemicals mean less environmental contamination and pollution.

7. Aesthetic appeal

Glossy finish: Glass coatings elevate a car's appearance. They offer a glossy finish, amplifying the vehicle's natural sheen and making it appear “like-new”. This aesthetic boost not only elevates pride in ownership but also garners admiration from onlookers.

8. Enhanced driving experience

Water beading: Glass coatings significantly enhance the driving experience. The satisfying sight of water beading and rolling off ensures unobstructed vision and better driver reaction time, which are crucial for safe driving. It's not merely an aesthetic delight but a great safety feature, especially in wet weather conditions.

9. Comprehensive protection

Beyond the windshield: While windshields are the primary target, glass coatings are beneficial for all vehicle glass surfaces. Side windows, rear windows, and even sunroofs can benefit from the protective and aesthetic features of a good glass coating, ensuring comprehensive protection for the entire vehicle.


For car owners keen on improving driving experience and preserving their vehicle's appearance, the choice is clear. Investing in a glass coat for cars like the Windshield Defender™ NanoPax® or Windshield Defender™ Kit is a prudent decision. With long-term benefits and protection against various external factors, you'll find it's a decision that pays off in spades.

So, the next time you think about how to best care for your car, remember to consider applying a car windshield glass coating. Your car deserves it!

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